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I blog, you blog, we blog....

Being an erudite lot, you quite probably already know this but it’s only just occurred to me to find out. Where did “blog” come from? Quite honestly, it’s not a pretty word. Sounds almost violent: “He just blogged me on the head!” Or smutty: “He didn’t. Such a little blog!” Or expletive: “Blog off!”, “What the blog?!” Well, you get my point.

The trusty Oxford Dictionary informs “blog is a shortened form of weblog, which was coined on 23 May 1999 by Peter Merholz”, who, commenting on the word weblog (as used by Jarn Borger on his site Robot Wisdom from December 1997) should be pronounced as “we blog”. And thus blog was born…

But of course, despite what I said earlier, blog can be a lovely word, especially when it refers to the What Kitty Did Next Blog Tour, which starts today!!

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